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Black Intelligence is one of the most highly feared things in the world.

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singapore’s local newspaper has no chill




Where is Fergie?

in the gym working on her fitness

i’m her witness 

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Welcome 2 my dashboard confessions shawty 

Working in Financial aid I see so many students struggling just to get by . Yesterday I helped this beautiful young girl who broke down crying to me because she was hungry she had been on my heart all night. I woke up this morning went and got cash because I knew God would place her in my path again and what do you know it 8am she’s in our office . It’s not much but it’s enough to get her some food. It just makes me realize how blessed I am how I never have to worry about my next meal . We all know the college struggle it’s real . I’m just thankful that I’m in the position to give without it hurting my pockets and even if it was my last I serve a God that tells me not to worry about anything he will provide . So I’m thankful this m

These two :,)